age graded standings

A new addition to The Kingston Road Runner’s statistics are Age Graded standings. Age graded results evens the playing field with all runners of all ages and inclusive of both genders. The results are based on data which includes all world records for every age and gender, then calculates each runner to their age and gender and generates a % of efficiency for each runner. So a 12 year old boy’s time may be different than a 55 year old woman, but both can be compared, based on those calculations.

The Kingston Road Runners Association has calculated all member’s age grades and placed them into a single comparative chart.

2014 was the first year to calculate and recognize the Age Graded standings. The Dave Wilson Award celebrates the top runners based on each runner’s averaged three fastest race results.

The 2018 age graded standings are available here.

If you wish to age calculate a specific race result, Runner’s World has a calculator here.




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