logos and branding

The brand colours for the Kingston Road Runners Association are Red, White and Black. The red should be 100% magenta and 100% yellow, or R:255, G:0, B:0.

When the logo is on a dark background, the reverse one-colour version must be used. It is most common to use a white version on a red or black background. The logo should never be applied to a busy background. The logo should not be shrunk too small where the fine lines within the logo lose details and break up. The logo’s colours should never be changed although if a shirt is screened other than in white, the single screen colour is permitted, with approval.

Click this link to download a zipped folder containing all KRRA logos, both in vector and raster formats (PDF, EPS, JPG).

Should a one-colour version of the logo be required in reverse or otherwise, click here to download the one-colour PDF version. Although it presents in black, a production supplier will be able to use it for reverse application.

For quick access, copy the full colour, large JPG version on this page.

The KRRA logo can only be used with written club permission.








News & Events

Limestone Race Weekend

KRRA 2018 ~ Annual General Meeting

KRRA runs in Peterborough 2018